Stuck in Third: Bernie Sanders' Campaign Flounders in Iowa

Highlights from a recently-published Politico article:

...But party operatives, and even some Sanders allies, aren’t convinced that the swing through Iowa was strategic. “Bernie has no idea how to right the ship and neither does anybody around him,” a Democratic activist with knowledge of the campaign says. “They don’t know where they’re going. They know things aren’t going well and they’re grasping at ideas...”

“...My go-to answer when anyone asks me what Bernie’s really like, and I get asked that question all the time, is he is exactly how he is onstage in real life," a former aide to Sanders says. "He’s kind of a cranky, cantankerous old man who is completely and just obsessively convinced of his convictions. There’s no political calculation, really, with the things he does and says. And that’s why he can speak with a clear mind and clear heart about his economic message better than almost anyone can. But it also comes with pitfalls...” 

“...He needs to tone down his voice,” Handel says. And “he needs to differentiate between himself and Warren. He can say to the public, ‘She’s a good friend of mine, I have no ill will toward her, but we just have a different view of how we want to address the issues with the country...’” 

Looks like Bernie Sanders is running his campaign as he sees fit. And how he sees his campaign is completely the opposite of reality.

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