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FEMA For Me: How Bernie Sanders Loves Disaster Relief When It Aids His Home State

On Wednesday at the CNN climate town hall hosted by Anderson Cooper, Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders shared his stance on FEMA and emergency assistance as a response to a question from an audience member. The exchange went as follows:

QUESTION: Hello, Professor, or Senator. I wanted to ask you about FEMA rules. FEMA rules. Are you in favor of changing FEMA rules to encourage retreat from properties that have suffered repeated catastrophic losses?


QUESTION: And if so, how would you implement those changes in a way that's fair and equitable?

SANDERS: Well, as I understand what you're saying, we have the absurd situation where FEMA will only pay to repair a facility or a piece of infrastructure where it was before it was destroyed. That's pretty stupid. I mean, if it was destroyed once and you rebuild it, it's destroyed twice, it doesn't make a lot of sense to put it there again. So the answer is, absolutely.

Which raises even the broader question …

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