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Busted: How Twitter Outed a Racist Bernie Sanders Hire

Let's take a minute to review Bernie Sanders' Sunday:

10:32 AM 

Matt Orfalea, a self-described "independent video maker beast" announces on Twitter that he has officially joined the Bernie Sanders campaign. Shaun King shares his approval by responding favorably to Orfalea's news. 

2:25 PM 

#VettingBernie Twitter unearths a YouTube video on Orfalea's channel which includes a vile, hateful, and racist video that demeans and degrades Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2:47 PM 

Orfalea tries to diffuse the growing awareness of his past by attempting to play off his racist King video as a joke and to offer a faux apology.

5:52 PM
Reporter Alexi McCammond of Axios reaches out to a Sanders campaign aide, who speaks to Orfalea's past video work. The aide says, "His views don't reflect the senator and going forward he understands he's part of a campaign team that will respect Bernie's values."

8:31 PM 

McCammond relays a statement from Faiz Shakir, Sanders…

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