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OF COURSE Bernie Sanders Won't Say How to Pay for Medicare for All

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders told CNBC's John Harwood that he doesn't think he has to tell the American people how he will pay for his government-only Medicare for All health care plan. Because, Sanders said, it's more important to get Americans to understand that we already pay a ton for our health care and wants it to be an article of faith that it will save money for "the vast majority of Americans."

Pardon me if this is eerily reminiscent of when Republicans go around telling everyone how their tax cuts are going to be most beneficial to the middle class, or that those tax cuts will pay for themselves, or the like.

Pardon me if the American people are not willing to uproot an entire system that now incorporates subsidies, an expanded, income-based Medicaid in most states, and a prohibition against discrimination based on medical conditions based on an article of faith. Pardon me if I'm especially suspicious that we are being asked to put that faith in a perso…

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