Busted: The Truth About Bernie Sanders and the Hyde Amendment

Contrary to what Bernie Sanders and his staff will tell you, Sanders has not always voted against the Hyde Amendment. 

It was none other that CNN's Dana Bash to call out Sanders on his lies today when she correctly identified the fact that Sanders has vote for the Hyde Amendment as part of larger spending bills. Video below: 
Of course, Sanders claimed that sometimes you have to vote for bills even when they include something you do like within them. However, this stance would be much different than what Sanders said about his vote against the proposed Amber Alert bill in 2003 when he was one of only 14 congressmen to vote against the bill, which he said he did because of inconsistencies in the sentencing language. That bill eventually passed the Senate by a 98-0 vote and its overwhelming popularity was used against Sanders when he ran for senator in 2006. There exists video footage of Sanders angrily storming off when asked about his vote and despite clearly being on the wrong side of the issue, Sanders still proudly lists his nay vote on his campaign website under the heading FAMILIES AND CHILDREN. Sanders would go so far as to say that with lengthly legislation there are parts of the bills that a congressman likes and does not like and it is up to him or her to decide how to vote. For Bernie Sanders, he did not feel that the overarching goal of protecting children was more important than a single provision. 

Bernie Sanders continues to want to have it both ways but like Donald Trump, he refuses to take accountability for his actions. Sanders cannot pretend to vote in favor of a bill that has the Hyde Amendment while also having voted against a bill creating the Amber Alert System. In each case, Sanders attempts to justify his vote rather than admit a mistake. Because like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders is incapable of apologizing and admitting an error. It's one of the many qualities that make him unqualified for president. It's why to this day, instead of taking ownership of the blatant sexual harassment during his 2016 campaign, Sanders attempts to deflect blame by saying he was a "little busy" and thus wasn't responsible for what happened. The buck does not stop with Bernie Sanders, it stops with anyone else because he honestly believes he can do no wrong. 

And we've all seen what happens when a demagogue with this type of mindset resides in the Oval Office.

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