3rd Place and Falling: Bernie Sanders' Meteoric Descent in the Polls Continues

At least he's on the podium.

That's the current mindset of the Bernie Sanders campaign as recently polling has suggested Sanders is moving in the opposite direction of how he intended.

Three days ago, CBS News conducted a national poll with Elizabeth Warren have passed Sanders as Democratic voters' second choice to Joe Biden for the upcoming Democratic Party primary. This poll came just four days after both an Economist/YouGov poll also showed Warren having similarly surpassed Sanders for second place in a second national poll. In addition, Sanders also slipped down to third place in Nevada, which has the country's fourth primary and is considered an early test with one of the higher percentages of Latino Democratic voters and has plummeted to fourth place in South Carolina, a state with a high percentage of African-American voters who simply aren't buying what Sanders is attempting to sell them. 

Rather than rethink their strategy, Bernie Sanders' team has instead chosen to fight back the only way they know how: by smearing the competition. Despite a March pledge to refrain from attacking his primary opponents, Sanders and his vicious attack dogs David Sirota and Nina Turner have been more than glad to go after Joe Biden so now it should be no surprise that they have now turned their attention to Elizabeth Warren. In fact, Sanders himself is now joining the fray with a recent Tweet claiming that Elizabeth Warren was receiving support from the "corporate wing" of the Democratic Party. This seems to be their proposed line of attack that Elizabeth Warren is now part of the dreaded, infamous "establishment" and, because of this, she cannot be trusted. 

What's hilarious about this most recent attack is that Bernie Sanders and his supporters would have absolutely been over-the-moon with an Elizabeth Warren endorsement in 2016. Many saw Warren as the closest senator ideologically to Bernie Sanders so when she chose to stay neutral during the Massachusetts primary, many Sanders supporters somehow felt betrayed. The fact that she is now being vilified is, to be honest, remarkable. It's remarkable in the sense that not only do Sanders' supporters have no short-term memory but that they're also willing to attack whomever their candidate says to, without having any real justification as to why they're doing it. In this regard, they are very much like Trump supporters, blind lap dogs who are completely reliant on their master to tell them exactly what to do without ever thinking for themselves. 

And it is because of the blind fealty of his supporters and Sanders' own inability to adapt the messaging of his campaign that will ensure his dramatic slide in the polls continues for the foreseeable future. 

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