BREAKING: Bernie Sanders (Again) Promises to Release His Tax Returns by April 15th


Despite promising to release his tax returns in April of 2016 and again in February of 2019, this time Bernie Sanders really, REALLY means it!

Why else would Sanders publicly promise Trevor Noah on Comedy Central's The Daily Show last night to release 10 years worth of tax returns on April 15th unless Sanders absolutely meant it? Surely, he wouldn't put it off for a THIRD time, would he?  

Nevertheless, we here at trust that the third time is the charm for the Vermont independent senator and we want to help him out by providing a countdown clock, in case he gets a "little busy" as tends to happen when one runs for president. Without further ado, we share the clock with Senator Sanders, his wife, his family employed by the Sanders Institute, and any other CPAs who might be needed to suddenly discover 10 years worth of tax returns between now and April 15th. 

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